90 Years of Service

During 1931 Amateur Radio operators provided communications links for the authorities during the aftermath of the Napier Earthquake. Following this and the need for communications for a Search in the Arthur’s Pass area a pilot Section of Radio Emergency Corps (REC), as AREC was first known, was established in Christchurch by Norm Laugesen, ZL3AS.

In January of 1932 NZART approved the formation of REC and urged the formation of Sections across NZ as soon as possible.

By the end of February 1932 REC Sections were formed in nine districts around the country.

There will be various activities to celebrate our 90 Years of Service to the community from February. This presentation (PDF version) is available for meetings and events, to request a copy of the PowerPoint file click here.

AREC Rules and Code of Conduct

Like many organisations, AREC has rules and policies that talk about our vision and purpose – and provide the framework for how we need to operate. The Rules (a Regulation under the NZART Constitution section 9) were updated in 2021. We went through a process to update our rules to reflect the current organisation and to ensure that we capture what we need to do to meet the needs of our partners both now and into the future.  Please familiarise yourself with the Rules which came into effective from 1 October 2021.

The Rules also reference our Code of Conduct which sets out expectations for being a member of AREC and aligns with our values. All members should also be familiar with the Code.

AREC Awards

AREC has introduced a range of Awards to recognise the service of our members, and others that help AREC.

There are some awards that can be awarded at the local level, and some that will be awarded at the national level. These are independent of the NZART awards, some which may also be presented at NZART conference.

Download information about the Awards and Criteria here

Nomination Forms